RT11 sysgen and disk partitions

Jerome H. Fine jhfinexgs2 at compsys.to
Sun Mar 13 21:56:03 CST 2005

 >Megan wrote:

>SET commands only operate on, and change, in on-disk copy of the
>handler file.  If you are booted from a given device and you issue
>SET commands for that device handler, they won't take affect
>until you reboot..
>Same thing for issuing SET commands for device handlers which
>are LOADed.  But at least for them you can UNLOAD and LOAD
Jerome Fine replies:

I can't think of a device handler which I can boot
that can have SET commands affect the "Resident"
in memory copy, HOWEVER, the LD(X).SYS device driver
is updated in memory as well as on the disk drive if
LD(X).SYS is already loaded.

Except for DU(X).SYS, I really can't think of a device
driver where changes that are compatible with the
LOADed in memory copy can't be done at the same time
as the disk copy.  Obviously, changing the CSR or VECTOR
much be done only to the disk copy, as well as other
critical values.  In point of fact, some device drivers
such as the VM must also be REMOVEd and then INSTALLed

Most novice RT-11 users will not need to be aware of these
things, but the few experienced RT-11 users (are there
any left except for Megan and myself?) are usually aware
of these problems - except when old farts like myself forget.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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