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Mon Mar 14 01:35:06 CST 2005

woodelf wrote:
> One thing about this group regardless of age or talent we all got into 
> computers
> because I think we all wanted to try the 'new' techology for ourselves 
> rather than
> let some-body else do computer hardware/software for us.

I was just saying something along the same lines to a colleage the other day 
about using BBSes heavily in the 1980s -- it took actual brainpower to know 
what hardware to buy, set up a machine with the right software and settings to 
dial a BBS, and then communication intelligently with others there.  You simply 
couldn't be an utter technological moron and get online, so I found great 
solace in BBSing.  Believe me, there were about 5 people at my high school who 
knew as much or more about computing as I did, and I already knew them all :)
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