Burroughs L7000 Magnetic System - What is it?

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Mon Mar 14 13:25:21 CST 2005

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Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 17:21:05 -0800 (PST)
From: steven stengel <tosteve at yahoo.com>
Subject: Burroughs L7000 Magnetic System - What is it?

I've been offered a Burroughs L7000, but I don't even
know what it is. Any hints?



Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 23:47:30 -0500
From: "James Fogg" <James at jdfogg.com>
Subject: RE: Burroughs L7000 Magnetic System - What is it?

Well, it looks like an A/C unit in a hotel ;-)


It does indeed, but it is a somewhat misleading close-up
picture of the nameplate.

It's a relatively rare model of the L series accounting computer, 
desk size with a keyboard, dual tractor Selectric-type printer, 
fixed hard disk and integrated paper tape reader, capable 
of reading mag stripe ledger cards (hence the "magnetic"). 

Suggest you ask for a picture of the whole machine; see:


for excellent pictures of an L9000, identical but with solid state 
memory and dot-matrix printer (and a single tape drive on this 
particular one).

Possible peripherals include PPT/EPC reader & punch, up to 4 
digital cassette tape drives, external card reader, modem, etc.

I believe it was the last model to use a fixed hard disk for program
& working storage before they went solid state (L8000/9000).

Programming was normally done in assembler on a mainframe,
using punched card input and PPT output. With peripherals and
the relevant software it was possible to program on the L itself;
otherwise one could still program in machine language (again,
with the necessary software/firmware).

A real challenge if you don't have the firmware and utility tapes;
threw out most of my manuals & tapes long ago, but might
still have a golf & lunar lander game on cassette tape somewhere.

BTW, looks like Bletchley has a restored L5000 in its collection,
a very similar previous model; also, there used to be someone
on this list with 2 L9000s.


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