Byte sizes (was Re: 2.8M 3.5' floppy

Bryan Pope bpope at
Mon Mar 14 14:57:06 CST 2005

And thusly Jim Leonard spake:
> I agree with this, but was it universal?  For example, programming games for 
> the Intellivision console involved 10-bit memory addresses referred to as 
> "decels" (pronounced DEK-el).  You hear decel this, decel that all the time in 
> that niche.

But a memory address and the memory location are two different things...  
How much can you store at each memory location on an Intellivision?  It 
may take 10 bits for the address but only be able to store 8 bits at each 

Just like the SuperCPU for the C64 - It gives you 24 bits for the memory 
address but you still can only store 8 bits at a single memory location.


Bryan Pope

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