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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 11:41:42 -0500
From: "John Allain" <allain at>
Subject: Re: Age

Let me point out that Jay had specifically mentioned this 
thread as one of the annoyingly off-topic ones.

It's even worse now that people are off the track twice, 
not even keeping to the first diverted topic.

John A.


With all due respect to Jay and the moderators, I think
it's a pretty unfriendly list if we're not even allowed to get
to know a little about each other.

I see that this thread is also on CCtech, so I assume that
the moderators do deem it as on-topic; we're certainly all
over ten years old, very much related to computers, and
some of us are most definitely "classic"s.

I suggest that we leave it up to Jay & the other moderators
to let us know when a thread has strayed too far, and, when
they do, act accordingly.


BTW: Add me to the 59 year olds, if I'm not already there.

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