PerSci 277 floppy drives

Doc Shipley doc at
Mon Mar 14 20:18:46 CST 2005

   I just received a pair of PerSci 8" floppy drives, with a PerSci 1070 
S-100 controller (and a mountain of docs, including data sheets, sales 
literature, and schematics).

   Unfortunately, I won't have an S-100 system for a few more weeks. 
It's stuck in Arizona till I get out there to ship it.

   The question is, is this one of the drives that plays nicely with a 
PC FDC?  I have a couple of older ISA IDE/FD controllers, and an Adaptec 
1542 if I can dig it up.

   That would still entail getting one of the DBit cable adapters, but 
it would nicely solve the issue of an enclosure and PSU for this YE-Data 

   When I get a hance to make a detailed list of this documentation, 
I'll post it.  I think that most of it's already out there, though.


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