USB Universal Floppy Disk controller

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Mon Mar 14 22:34:34 CST 2005

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 21:47:28 -0600, Jim Battle <frustum at> wrote:

>Reading through a lot of the postings on this thread makes me think of
>somebody complaining that "linux is too big, bloated, and complicated,
>and redhat charges for their version too.  let's write our own version
>that will be lean and mean and available to all for free."  Thinking
>about the design is fun and the one who actually does it will have some
>rewards implementing it, but for most people, the already available
>solution will be superior to the proposed design even if it is ever
>done.  Spending $60 more for a finished, professionally done board might
>be a showstopper for some people, but futzing with the building your own
> will preclude a great many more.

I didn't know what a catweasel was. Yes, I agree that it is the right solution. 

vax, 9000

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