Longevity of DVD-R and CD-R (Was MagTapes)

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Tue Mar 15 11:50:32 CST 2005

Paul Koning wrote:
> My suspicion is that choice of media is a big contributor.  For
> example, I will no longer use Fuji media of any kind for any purpose
> under any circumstance, after ALL (100 percent) of my Fuji audio
> cassettes died within just a few years, while NONE of any other brand
> did. 

Hopefully you are saying that you will never buy Fuji audio cassettes ever 
again -- if you are saying you'll never buy ANY Fuji media of ANY kind ever 
again, that isn't exactly rational :-)

BTW, how does an audio cassette "fail"?  What exactly happened?
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