Fred N. van Kempen waltje at pdp11.nl
Tue Mar 15 12:58:53 CST 2005


Due to the insane S/N ratio on this list and some fairly
insulting comments from list members, I decided (quite
a while ago) to unsub.  For some reason I still get the
list, but after wading through about 11,000 of these
(I was away for a long time) I have just decided that the
topicness is still an issue, so I'll leave again.

Ontopic and/or personal email is welcomed.  Offtopic,
inflamatory or simply stupid content will be deleted
without further comment... I've had it.

Ed Sharpe: pse contact me off-list re the DPS, or its
           going to the scrapper.

Michael Sokolov: ditto re the 6000.

Dan Williams: I'll contact you offlist re the truckride.

Oh.. I'm also to be found on the #classiccmp channel,
although not always :)



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