Qumetrak 242 drive

Stefan birs23 at zeelandnet.nl
Tue Mar 15 17:03:29 CST 2005

Sounds like a good project when I have moved hehe :)
Thanks guys!

At 23:42 15-3-2005, you wrote:
>From: "Stefan" <birs23 at zeelandnet.nl>
>Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:17 PM
>>At 20:11 15-3-2005, you wrote:
>>>>Hmm so, am I correct to think I could connect this quite simply to a 
>>>>FDADAP floppy disk adapter ?
>>>>Would I need anything else ?
>>>What are you trying to do with it?
>>I have whole piles of various 8" floppies and I just want to read them, I 
>>dont perse need to write anything (nice to have but not necessary).
>>>Buy a catweasel mk4.
>>Was planning on buying one already so.
>>>Find an older PC, many handle FM just fine but only trial and error will 
>>>let you know.  Some older add-on cards work with FM including some 
>>>Adaptec ISA SCSI controllers with a floppy disk port.
>>>It may help to build a list of systems/boards that handle FM.  I use a 
>>>Compaq Prolinea 575e (P100).
>>Have plenty of old controllers so should I have FDADAP I could perhaps 
>>make a list of which work and which dont. Hmm and ehmm, P100 old ? :)
>>>You will need a 34 to 50 pin cable.  The pin-out is available on my website.
>>Well the FDADAP should also take care of that shouldn't it ?
>If you already have the FDADAP then it's done, many 8" drives don't need 
>TG43 (and none if you only want to read).
>If you don't already have an FDADAP you may not need it often just a 34 to 
>50 pin cable does it.
>Older 8" drives (funny to call one 8" drive older than another) needed a 
>signal to know when it was writing past track 43 for reduced write 
>current. Later drives were "smart" enough to know for themselves.  This 
>only applies to writing during reads this is ignored.
>The FDADAP has a PIC that keeps track of the current track to know when to 
>assert (ground) TG43, for $40.00 it handles more drives than just a cable 
>when writing plus the wiring is done for you.


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