Byte sizes, still tastes like nothing

Steven Canning cannings at
Tue Mar 15 17:02:21 CST 2005


Though I am inclined to agree with you in principle..... how can we discuss
technology if we do not agree on the terminology? In Ham radio circles how
could people discuss issues if everybody had a different concept on what a
"Watt" was equal too? I'm not trying to start a pissing contest, just trying
to express the importance of the "words" we use to describe things. If we
had to explain the context of the usage of the terminology we used in every
post, I would be the first to un-subscribe... I do understand your concerns.

Best regards, Steven C.

> I've heard of "off topic", and admit to extending some myself, but
> this thread at this point seems utterly "topic free".
> Can it move to cctalk?

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