Data General Nova 4/x -- update on Kermit

Tom Jennings tomj at
Tue Mar 15 18:08:21 CST 2005

Well with Bruce's help (and a bit of actually paying attention to
what I was doing) I got Kermit to compile -- properly -- on RDOS.

Kermit for RDOS consists of about 20+ smaller source files,
separately compiled, and linked with the linking loader. THe
source is D.G. FORTRAN5, and the output of a seemingly-lost RATFOR

Kermit was archived as one big file containing all of the sources,
with comments to indicate where to break them into files:

C code here....

Bruce game me an awk script that does it, but since I don't have
any way to get files in/out to RDOS (except open-loop "text
download" through the console) I did it locally with an nspeed
command, looks like teco:


$ is escape key, ^T is Control-T, etc.

< ... > is a loop; the semicolon is a conditional exit (if the search fails).

N is "yank pages, copying to the output file, buffer-fulls of text
until 'CCCCCCCCCCCCC ^T' is found". ^t means any number of space

The transmission line noise is really copying the current line,
under the virtual cursor, to buffer 1, stripping the comments off
the embedded filename and building a command to create anoutput

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