cctalk Digest, Vol 19, Issue 61

Bob Yannetti yannetti at
Tue Mar 15 18:53:59 CST 2005

Hi Fred;
Glad you signed on. I have been waiting for someone older than myself to 
speak up. Just didn't want to be the oldest.

Born 1930 and I will be 75 in April. Started playing around with an Atwater 
Kent radio around 1939, went to a Radio Mech. course at a Vocational School 
, 1944 to 45. Left school and joined the Army where I served 5+ years as a 
brass pounder and comm. chief. Two years of which were at the Signal Corps 
Evans Lab.

After the service went to work for the Navy, mostly on Shipboard radar and 
taught in their apprentice program ( Math and Physics )

Moved to the FAA when they opened their Research Center at Pomona, N.J. in 
1960. Worked  mostly on Radars and Auto Landing Systems. All Analog stuff.

Was assigned to the ATC Labs in early 1970 and it didn't take long to 
realize I was in a "Mushroom Farm" so I went back to school for a degree in 
Information Science. That is when I got into computers. I remember the 1401, 
7090, sigma 7 and the IBM 360's ( we called them 9020's ).
the ATC program was being developed in JOVIAL. My language however was 

Retired in 1981.

Fred if you look hard enough you will find a few of us are still here.

Bob Yannetti, age 74 going on 75 

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