Media Longitevity/Care

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Tue Mar 15 20:04:55 CST 2005

Coming in on this a little bit late, but if you haven't checked out the 
Library of Congress you should. gives you a basic run down of ways to care for archived 
materials, and the NIST/CLIR puts out Special Publication 500-252 "Care and 
Handling of CDs and DVDs - A Guide for Librarians and Archivists" (e-version 
available).   Other tips- gold disks, AZO dye are reputed to last longer.
The phenomenon of failure from the outside in has interesting possibilities- 
have software write a known pattern in the outermost section of the disc and 
pop up a warning when it starts to deteriorate. Hopefully this would give 
enough time to move data to another disk.

- Scott Quinn

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