Belay that last request... HHC info.

Roger Merchberger zmerch at
Wed Mar 16 00:34:39 CST 2005


1) I opened up a super-sized can of dammitallanyway, and found a used 
Spectroline PR-320T for about $30 more; $130 shipped, give or take. I 
*really* don't need that much of an eraser, but WTF - I guess I'm really 
loaded for bear now. (the sucker'll do 42 eproms in 6-11 minutes... or so 
the dox say) -- It's a $729 eraser new.

2) I read the HHC Basic eprom, it appears to have read good. Opening up the 
.bin file in goatpad [ erm; notepad ] I found the 2-letter error prefixen, 
the Microsoft Basic copyright thingy, and a reference to:       NEIL K & 
HENRY L  ... I'm guessing these are the programmers; or at least the guys 
who ported it over to the HHC.

3) So far, I have a list of people (4 currently) who want Basic chips... I 
think this is fair[1]; and should cover my costs & whatnot: First Basic 
chip: $8 - each additional Basic chip, $3 and US shipping of $3.50 (USPS 
Priority). I'll throw in 4 extra empty[2] chips for free if you want 'em. 
If you're not in the US, lemme know where ya live, and I'll quote ya the 
difference in shipping... but with such a small package, I doubt it would 
be much. (The last time I shipped something that small to Great Britain, it 
was less than /pounds 5, IIRC.) Trades may well still be an option, but I'm 
not willing to trade for an EPROM eraser anymore... ;-)

I'm throwing in the double-padded mailers, static bags, other whatnot, etc...

Anyway, lemme know what y'all think!

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

[1] If you don't think so, lemme know!
[2] Now that I'll be able to make 'em forget en masse...

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