TU56 restoration

dvcorbin at optonline.net dvcorbin at optonline.net
Wed Mar 16 09:31:07 CST 2005

> Can I easily test the mechanics, on/off switches, lamps, motors,
> etc, without hooking up the TC11?  I think there is a local
> mode switch and wondered what all could be tested easily
> without hooking up the TC11.  I will be studying the documentation
> to get a better idea about things.  I have a TC11 that also needs
> to be cleaned up.  It has a layer of dust on it and needs a couple
> boards, which should be here soon.

I am also hoping to start firing up my PDP-8 and TU56 in the next few weeks [the lab is almost re-built!!!!!] so perhaps Ashley and I could coordinate our (limited) knowledge and run various tests in parallel....

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