I have a VAX 6400 that I don't want anymore

Kapteyn, Rob kapteynr at cboe.com
Wed Mar 16 14:42:41 CST 2005

I know that it's not a desktop.
I have seen VAX installations as big as a semi trailer, and then I've seen the desk sized ones.

So far I have limited my collection to "hobbyist" classics like my Altair and H8.
But a "business" machine like a VAX could be cute too.
Especially if it has a front panel with lots of lights and switches ?

I tried to find photos on the web, but no quick success.


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>On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 10:38:33 -0600, Kapteyn, Rob <kapteynr at cboe.com> wrote:
>>  I am really close to this and I have storage space, but I don't 
>>know exactly what the 6400 is.
>>  I worked with an 11/780 in college, and that's too big for me to handle.
>>  A desk sized VAX (like a microVAX) would be fun to play with.
>It is desk size, if you lay it down. It is narrow and tall, but the
>volume is similar to that of a desk.

Somehow I think he meant desktop sized :^)  Unless of course he's 
planning to get a pair of BA123's or BA23's and put piece of plywood 
on top to use them as a desk :^)


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