Belay that last request... HHC info.

Eric Smith eric at
Wed Mar 16 16:24:28 CST 2005

Roger wrote:
> 2) I read the HHC Basic eprom, it appears to have read good. Opening up
> the .bin file in goatpad [ erm; notepad ] I found the 2-letter error
> prefixen, the Microsoft Basic copyright thingy, and a reference to:     
 > NEIL K & HENRY L  ... I'm guessing these are the programmers; or at
> least the guys who ported it over to the HHC.

Yes, almost certainly the ones that ported it.  The core BASIC interpreter
is almost certainly the same one used in the PET, AIM, Apple II, OSI,
and all the other 6502 systems that ran MS BASIC.

Neil K. is probably Neil Konzen.  He ported CP/M to the Microsoft Softcard
for the Apple II, and wrote the other system software for that.  Later he
was the technical lead for MS's Macintosh software.

I don't have any guess for Henry L.


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