USB Universal Floppy Disk controller

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Mar 16 19:32:13 CST 2005

> FWIW it still takes a good (8 hour) day to get one turnaround
> of the code for our FPGAs (and that's using high-spec PCs).

So not much better then. The FPGAs have presumably become more complex as 
the PCs to compile them get faster...

> This was true three years ago too, so I presume that, barring
> any great breakthrough, things will remain the same (at least
> for the complex sorts of FPGAs we[1] do).
> OTOH hand-wiring something equivalent would keep you occupied
> a bit longer than a day I should think :-)

Oh yes. But the point it is took many, many, compiles to get the darn 
thing to work. I am sure I could have hand-wired it in less time than 
that. If you need to make a change to a hand-wired design, it takes, 
perhaps, 5 minutes. To do it to the FPGA design means another overnight 

Maybe I am terminally clueless (well, I am, but...) , but I prefer to 
design a bit, build it, test it, design the next part, and so on. Doing 
that in an FPGA seems to be totally impractical with the long compile times.


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