D.G. Nova/4 on ePay

Ashley Carder wacarder at usit.net
Wed Mar 16 20:20:12 CST 2005

> > "gold-snipper" is nearby -- I could contact him, but I have no 
> knowledge of
> > Nova H/W.
> Oh, I was just thinking generally. I don't know if he's absolutely
> convinced the thing is worth $600, or isn't sure and thought he'd
> try that, or just fishing, or what.
> It also seemed to be a heads-up that gold-snipper at least was
> aware of classic collectors; whether a friend, impartial
> businessmammal, or bloodthirsty shark, I don't know, and a visit
> might illuminate that.

Gold-snipper occasionally puts old computer stuff on ebay.  
I have bought a PDP-11 board or two from him before.


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