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Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Thu Mar 17 00:00:12 CST 2005

At 9:32 PM -0800 3/16/05, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>Does anyone know a true (not a homebrew hack) multitasking environment that
>will run in 16K or less, preferably with available source?
>I was looking at Mini-UNIX for the PDP-11 and that's something similar to
>what I'm looking for, but I wondered what other alternatives there were. Any
>architecture will do, but I'm particularly interested in minicomputer
>architectures for this project (DG, DEC, IBM, etc., would all be appropriate).
>Thanks for humouring my odd request ^^

Actually it's an interesting question...

RSX-11C on the PDP-11 comes to mind, I think that's the right RSX 
version, but it might require more RAM like 32k.  Shoot, even Lunix 
on the C-64 requires 64k.

Then again, maybe I'm thinking to new...  What about TSS/8 on the PDP-8?


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