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Thu Mar 17 08:11:38 CST 2005

Thanks for the suggestions -- maybe I should be a little more specific.

Jim L suggested Contiki, but actually Contiki is precisely *not* what I'm
after (even though it's a quasi-multitasking environment for small systems);
it's unsuitable for the task because:

	- source is in C (I should have specified I want assembler if possible)
	- it needs more than 16K to be useful anyway
	- it doesn't have a "classic" feel to it
	- it's not preemptively multitasking

Also, I know Adam Dunkels well, he's a good guy, and I'll keep my pointy nose
out of his active development. ;)

Heinz suggested Tiny UNIX, which sounds like Mini UNIX. I googled for it,
but all I get are tiny *Linux* distributions. Can anyone point me in the
right direction?

The closest suggestion to the feel I'm looking for was Zane's suggestions of
RSX-11C for the PDP-11, or even better was TSS/8 for the PDP-8. The PDP-8 is
actually an architecture very amenable to what I'm looking at doing. 

Do these have available assembler source?

What other multitasking environments, Unixy or not, would be practical on a
PDP-8 with 16kW or less? Or other similar mainframe?

Thanks for all the suggestions; I should have been much more specific about
what I was after.

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