TU56/TC11 restoration - Power supply question

Ashley Carder wacarder at usit.net
Thu Mar 17 09:43:36 CST 2005

Eric said:
> It's probably worthwhile to disconnect electrolytic capacitors and
> reform them separately first.  There are tons of web pages about that,
> but the basic principle is to apply current-limited DC to it and slowly
> let it charge.  If you apply rated voltage without current limiting,
> and it needs reformation, that's likely to cause it to fail
> catastrophically as John described.
> For a very overengineered approach to capacitor reformation which we
> used on the PDP-1 project, see the draft of the restoration procedure,
> the fifth document in this directory:
>     http://pdp-1.org/Documents/RestorationProject/

I read the page on reforming capacitors.  Quite a good document.  Now
I just need to take a refresher physics class so I can totally understand it.
Actually, I've been reading some lately on all this stuff, because I don't
like to mess with stuff that I don't understand.

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