TU56/TC11 restoration - VARIAC question

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Thu Mar 17 10:37:41 CST 2005

If you don't know how to wire it, you need one with a cord and outlets. The 
cord should end in a plug that matches the outlets in your part of the 
world, and the line (mains) voltage on the input side needs to match your 
line (mains) voltage. The outlet, or outlets, also need to look like the 
ones in your house or lab, but if the cord does...

If you DO know how to wire it, then a difference of double (110vac variac 
in a 220vac part of the world, or vice versa) MAY be fixable by opening the 
thing up and changing the taps. I say MAY BE because some of them aren't.

Aside from that, you'd need to know approximately how much juice you need, 
in amps, based on what you're going to plug into it.

I see 10 amp units all over the place, that's a nice compact size for most 
anything except industrial stuff. In the US, most branch circuit breakers 
or fuses are 15 amps, (some 20) so you couldn't draw much more through your 
variac anyhow without blowing a fuse in your panel anyhow.

Here's a monster I'd really love to own, man, metered, on-board breaker, 
20amps, wow. Someone give me this for christmas!

At 11:00 AM 3/17/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>I do not own a variac, so I will need to get one of these to
>properly reform the TU56 capacitors.  I see several different varieties
>on eBay.  What would I need exactly?

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