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Paul Koning pkoning at
Thu Mar 17 14:14:57 CST 2005

>>>>> "Cameron" == Cameron Kaiser <spectre at> writes:

 Cameron> Thanks for the suggestions -- maybe I should be a little
 Cameron> more specific.  Jim L suggested Contiki, but actually
 Cameron> Contiki is precisely *not* what I'm after (even though it's
 Cameron> a quasi-multitasking environment for small systems); it's
 Cameron> unsuitable for the task because:

 Cameron> - source is in C (I should have specified I want assembler
 Cameron> if possible) - it needs more than 16K to be useful anyway -
 Cameron> it doesn't have a "classic" feel to it - it's not
 Cameron> preemptively multitasking

You didn't explain why it has to be preemptive.  If possible,
non-preemptive is often better.

If you need pre-emptive, an RTOS is likely to be a good choice.  uC/OS
is one; there are other open source RTOS.  Typically they will be in
C.  So compile it -- by hand if you don't trust the compiler.


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