TU56/TC11 restoration - VARIAC question

vrs vrs at msn.com
Thu Mar 17 23:26:33 CST 2005

> > I thought the basic structure of the AC electrolytics was that of two
> > matched DC electrolytics wired in series.  If this is true, then I
> > suppose a current limited AC supply might be able to reform them?
> >
> >     Vince
> I doubt if a motor capacitor is made up out of a back-to-back
> electrolytic pair.  Usually, motor capacitors are some form of 'oil
> filled' capacitor or modern variant, and are non-polarized.  Usually not
> of a high enough value to need to be an electrolytic design.

These are 100uf 55VAC, IIRC, and definitely electrolytic.  I had one that
squirted goo (which had gone all crusty).


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