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George Wiegand ICS at Core.com
Fri Mar 18 14:07:22 CST 2005

Is there a safety lock switch (perhaps on the back) that is normally
activated when installed in a rack that is not activated now while it is on
the bench?

George Wiegand
Vintage Data General Computer Hobbyist
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> Hello,
> I have two RK05J drives, both exhibiting the same problem.
> They are *not* currently connected to a system.  I have them on the bench
> cleaning them up and getting them ready to connect to a PDP 8/e system
> a long period of storage.
> There is the I/O terminator card installed in the proper slot in the drive
> electronics backplane.
> When the drives are powered up, the "power" and "load" lights are on, and
> the door release is activated so that the door can be opened and a disk
> inserted.  However, the blower motor that provides the air circulation for
> the drive never starts up.  I've checked both blower motors to assure that
> they are not seized, and the both spin very freely.  I traced the power
> wires from the blower motor to a barrier strip, where I checked for
> 110V AC power, and there's nothing there.  So, somewhere in the
> circuitry, something isn't right.  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Rick Bensene
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