Is there a "field guide" for older TI memory boards?

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Fri Mar 18 17:11:43 CST 2005

I was going through the basement at my old place today and ran across
some boards that I bought at Dayton a large number of years ago.  They
all seem to be RAM boards of one type or another, one marked "24K",
the other "8K w/ECC", loaded with different amounts of TI4060 RAM
chips (approx the same package dimensions as, say, 5101 SRAMs).  I
don't have a net connection there at the moment, and I didn't have my
camera with me, or I'd have taken pictures to post, but I thought I'd
start by asking if anyone knows of a repository of TI board pictures
like some of the Qbus field guides that are out there.  I could then
do a little browsing to figure out what these are from.

One guess is that these look like what I've been reading about on the
list recently about the TI990(?).  They look newer than the boards in
my TI980, and a little larger than those.

I also found what look to be like TI laptop parts - a couple of
daughter cards that seem to be some kind of video controller, and more
of a main board, but without a CPU.

I have no particular use for them except as a source of parts.  If
these sound interesting to anyone here, I can do a little more digging
and/or take down part numbers and take pictures.

No CPU or I/O cards, sorry.


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