ISA Connectors

Teo Zenios teoz at
Sat Mar 19 00:53:24 CST 2005

Can you still buy the 18x2 pin edgeboard that makes an 8 bit ISA slot into a
16 bit one?

I was toying with the idea of expanding my Amiga 2000 (with 286 bridgeboard)
from 2x16 and 2x8bit to 4x16bit ISA slots and installing a SCSI card, video
card, network card, and something else. The 2000 has the pinholes for the
connector so installing the edgeboard should not be that big of a deal.
Looking through my old 486 motherboards I noticed that they 16 bit slots are
all 1 piece, so desoldering one of them wont work.

Any ideas? has anybody else bothered to try this?

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