Sun 2/120 keyboard and mouse?

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sat Mar 19 17:00:03 CST 2005

On Mar 19 2005, 21:32, Jules Richardson wrote:

> The Ethernet card may be a source of trouble. It seems to want
> that provides an external heartbeat - we hooked up a DEC hub to get
> around that problem, which stopped the "no carrier" messages on the
> console. However, it's still throwing up "Ethernet jammed" messages -
> and ideas what that's about?

Have you got the "SQE Test" turned on on your transceiver?  You have to
turn it off if you have the transceiver connected to a repeater (which
is probably what your DEC hub is).  What the SQE test does is send a
test signal after every frame, to test the collision detect circuitry,
but the repeater will see this as a real collision and will send a jam

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