Low-Level PC Formatting Using Debug Commands

Marvin Johnston marvin at rain.org
Sat Mar 19 23:25:36 CST 2005

I just ran across this and thought it might be of interest for anyone
doing a low level format on a PC (not AT) type controllers. It was taken
from a February 13, 1989 issue of Tech Times that appears to be a
ComputerLand Confidential publication (this is a copy.) My usual
procedure was to unassemble C800:5 or C800:6 and G=????:? the address
that was a jmp instruction. I've never used the :800 or tried to format
a Xebec controller.


Company		Debug Command
Adaptec		-G=C800:CCC
DTC		-G=C800:5
Omti		-G=C800:6
Western Digital	-G=C800:5 or
Xebec		Series of commands
		-o322 0
		-o320 04
		-0320 00
		-o320 00
		-0320 00
		-0320 05
		-0320 07 (use 17 if embedded servo dr)
At this point, the LED on the drive should come on to indicate that the
drive is formatting. When the light goes off, coninue:
The last entry should get 00 status back, indicating a successful

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