$2000 Black Apple (?) - scam ?

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Sun Mar 20 17:23:16 CST 2005

>Oh yeah, and one sold last week on ebay (no drives, not tested) for 
>$182... so IF the guy really has an untested unit he is able to sell for 
>$2000... he is one lucky SOB.

I'll let ya know if he says the sale actually went through (I asked him to
keep me posted).

I corresponded with the guy a few times back and forth when he first contacted
me, to help him figure out what he had... My "gut feel" is that he's not trying
to scam, but he may be getting scammed - I sent him to one of the fraud sites
to read up on scams involving buyers offering unrealistic prices.

I personally take Ebay prices with a big grain of salt --- In looking for the
Black Apple you mentioned, I noticed a "@@LOOK@@ ***RARE*** Original Macintosh
128" up to $250 ... (I bought a near-mint Mac (128) with a nice carry bag,
external floppy drive and other goodies for $19 (Cdn) at a local goodwill shop
a couple of months back).

And I do have to add shipping ($50+ on something this big) plus taxes, duty,
brokerage and currency conversion to anything I purchase from the states, so I
felt $150 (base) and the aggrevation of getting it here was not worth it to me.
But, I agree that someone who REALLY wanted it and/or didn't know better might
pay a few hundred ... (especially if they are an Ebay type). It wasn't until it
went over $500 and then $1000 that I really started to think that he might be
getting scammed.

Anyone have advice to pass on to him - anyone used agents/services to perform an
overseas transaction more safely etc.?

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