Good description of Apple ][ disk controller

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Tue Mar 22 09:45:01 CST 2005

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, Mark Firestone wrote:

> I've got the DOS Manual, and I used to have Beneath Apple DOS... If you
> want more detail than that,  you might have to email Woz... I mean, he
> designed the whole thing... He may be the only one who knows...
> And, being Woz, he might even answer you.

It might be interesting to ask him someday as I might get some insight
not available anywhere else, but this assumes he still remembers all the
fine details.

I did finally find a good description in _Understanding the Apple II_ by
Jim Sather from Quality Software (with a forward by Steve Wozniak).  45
pages alone on the disk controller circuitry and software.  Woohoo!


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