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Tue Mar 22 10:02:58 CST 2005

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, Erik Klein wrote:

> I got the following via email a bit ago:
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> I'm trying to fill out a display that I am organizing for a local museum.
> I need the following:
> Apple I. Apple II, IMSAI 8080, ALTAIR, Mark-8, IBM 5100, HP 9830, Arkay
> CT-650, Minivac 601, SIMON. (They do not have to be working.)
> Any help you can give me in acquiring these PCs will be appreciated.

I spoke to Jim as well, and wished him much luck.  Basically, he got his
list from here:

Most of the computers he lists are either impossible to find or were never
manufactured (i.e. the SIMON and Mark-8 were kits), or are beyond the
budget of his country museum (Apple-1).  I explained all this to him and
offered additional assistance, but he went away quietly.  That he still
might be at it tells me he didn't believe me, I suppose.

Oh well.


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