Rare Apples, eBay, Goodwill

Chad Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Tue Mar 22 13:05:10 CST 2005

My local Goodwill stores still have some computer stuff.  However, I 
notice lots of printers, and monitors.  I suspect they are tossing many 
of the actual computers.  I asked one of the employees about it.  He 
said they they could only sell them for about 99 cents..... I'm thinking 
that's better than throwing them away!  Besides, I bet they could get 
more than 99 cents for many of them.  If they don't put them out, they 
are garunteeing they won't sell them.

I suppose it's also possible that they actually do get more printers and 
monitors than cpus.  Thinking about it now, I gave Goodwill about 3 or 4 
printers last year, but no cpus.  They do have cpus sometimes, but 
they're usually old store bought PC's or very old no name PCs, or older 
Macs.  I haven't seen a Microchannel PS/2 or an Apple // in a long time. 
  I've never seen anything like a Vax or Sun equipment at Goodwill.

They always seem to have a few old crappy monitors..... do they breed? 
I've found a few nicer ones.  In fact, this 17" Dell with Trinitron tube 
came from Goodwill.  It was $30.  I also got my HP LJ 4L from Goodwill. 
  It was only $5, with manual, and in nice shape!

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> Charity shops in the US are increasingly not carrying computer goods,
> mainly because if they end up being unsaleable crap they have to pay high
> disposal fees.

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