Rare Apples, eBay, Goodwill

tom ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Tue Mar 22 14:45:11 CST 2005

> Keys wrote:
>> It must be the area you live in, I have gotten Sun's, Next's, Vax, 
>> HP's, AS400's and missed on some SOL's plus a few other S100 systems 
>> at my local Goodwill.  John

Not only where you live, as many corporations get rid off thier old 
equipment to  liquidaters or, if they don't take them, then to the 
goodwill,. etc.. So if you live in a fairly large city you'll not only 
see  donations from individuals, but also companies and corporations.

If you are going "goodwill hunting", then I suggest try going directly 
to the main warehouse/sorting facility for your area. Many cities with 
lots of goodwill stores have a central warehouse. At the warehouse is 
where larger donations (in some case , all donations) are sorted. Here 
in Tucson the warehouse is in an industrial area, and large lots are 
commonly sold through auctions or bulk buying.

Where you might see one to a dozen computers or electronic goods at one 
store, here there will be hundreds and even thousands of computers along 
with the peripherals. I've picked up a microvaxII, various suns, even 
ultra's as well as P3's.

While the old unix and apple equipment will go real cheap, there is 
lively bidding for anything above a pentium2 or G3. A corporation dumped 
about 100 P3's on the goodwill warehouse a few months ago and were gone 
inside an hour. mainly to one bidder

Check for the Salvation Army or Goodwill warehouse nearest you and see 
if and when they have there auctions and or bulk buying.

The good stuff never even reaches the local goodwill stores.



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>> My local Goodwill stores still have some computer stuff.  However, I 
>> notice lots of printers, and monitors.  I suspect they are tossing 
>> many of the actual computers.  I asked one of the employees about 
>> it.  He said they they could only sell them for about 99 cents..... 
>> I'm thinking that's better than throwing them away!  Besides, I bet 
>> they could get more than 99 cents for many of them.  If they don't 
>> put them out, they are garunteeing they won't sell them.
>> I suppose it's also possible that they actually do get more printers 
>> and monitors than cpus.  Thinking about it now, I gave Goodwill about 
>> 3 or 4 printers last year, but no cpus.  They do have cpus sometimes, 
>> but they're usually old store bought PC's or very old no name PCs, or 
>> older Macs.  I haven't seen a Microchannel PS/2 or an Apple // in a 
>> long time. I've never seen anything like a Vax or Sun equipment at 
>> Goodwill.
>> They always seem to have a few old crappy monitors..... do they 
>> breed? I've found a few nicer ones.  In fact, this 17" Dell with 
>> Trinitron tube came from Goodwill.  It was $30.  I also got my HP LJ 
>> 4L from Goodwill. It was only $5, with manual, and in nice shape!
>> Chad Fernandez
>> Michigan, USA
>> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>> Charity shops in the US are increasingly not carrying computer goods,
>>> mainly because if they end up being unsaleable crap they have to pay 
>>> high
>>> disposal fees.

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