What are they worth? was Re: Which PDP?

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Wed Mar 23 06:23:09 CST 2005

Ethan Dicks wrote:

> An 11/23 w/RLV11 (requires CD-capable backplane) or RLV21 and a couple
> of RL02s is a nice PDP-11 system, and fits in a 42" tall rack.  Not
> sure you could get all of that for under a grand these days, but it's
> a place to start.
> -ethan

I've got an OEM 11/73, with (mostly) OEM cards, originally built by 
Baydel.  It's got a couple of ST506 drives, probably about 30M each, and 
two RL02s plus a spare drive, and about a dozen carts.  There's quite a 
lot of interesting software.

I suspect I got a good deal - it cost me a 19" Sun monitor and some 
beer.  Any idea how much that's worth?  As far as I can tell, it's about 
as good a PDP-11 system as you're going to get into the back of a large 


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