Which PDP?

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 17:07:57 CST 2005

> > Tony said:
> > Actaully 8 drives per controller, but even so it's crampped. And 8 RK05 
> > drives take up a heck of a lot of space!
> and don't forget that they weigh about 125 pounds apiece.  8 RK05s is
> about a half ton!  I used to pick up those RK05s off the floor and rack
> them myself until I found out what that does to a 47-year old back.  I

Oh, I rack them myself, but I'm not afraid to take 'em apart first. I
remove the covers, front panel, PSU, spindle, spindle motor, blower,
positioner, logic module, etc. The empty chassis is quite easy to lift,
putting the bits back in doesn't take long either.

Did the same when getting my RK07s onto their stands. They come apart 
from the top downwards, when you get the electronics, disk housing, etc 
out of the way, the main chassis, complete with spindle, spindle motor, 
positioned, etc, comes out with just 3 bolts. The base pan is quite easy 
to lift onto the stand, agqain it all goes back together in a few minutes.

And the RA60. A fried delivered one using his pick-up truck (a 1947 
Fordson IIRC). I took one look at it (the drive) and decided there was no 
way I could get that thing into the house and upstairs on my own. So I 
grabbed the toolkit and took it apart on the back of the truck. Again, 
the main chassis comes out with little work and is liftable, so is the 
casing and the various electronic parts.


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