Rare Apples, eBay, Goodwill

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They moved it to St. Paul and called G-TOO, I think it's still open but it's 
not the same. They auction off the computer stuff in silent auctions. Most 
times they never bring it out because of the fights there.
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>> On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, Keys wrote:
>> > You almost have to stop each day as good things do not last long.  Here 
>> > in
>> > Houston some people sit in the Goodwill all day for 8 hours getting the
>> > stuff as it is being put out.  There are fights sometime.
>> Wow, and I thought I had no life...
> In the good (bad) old days, there was this place in Lauderdale called 
> "Digger's Delight", which was part of the local Goodwill stores. Big 
> concrete warehouse with a dirt parking lot, and the staff would 
> (literally) bring the goods out by the gaylord, as they were processed.
> There were regulars there, the same folks you saw everytime you went in. 
> It didn't take long to form the opinion that this was the only context in 
> which these people were ever, in their entire lives, referred to as 
> 'regular'. They would descend upon the goods in a manner not inconsistent 
> with a pack of hyenas staking a fresh kill. There were arguments, fights, 
> and items smashed out of spite or contempt. Come for the stuff, stay for 
> the spectacle.
> I nabbed a lot of good things there over time, but it was usually an 
> unpleasant interaction, to say the least. I typically left muttering 
> something to myself along the lines of 'trash fighting over trash', or 
> something even less flattering.
> I miss that place.
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