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Thu Mar 24 10:55:41 CST 2005

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Adam Goldman wrote:

> Some good info and references have already been posted, but another
> place to look is "Beneath Apple ProDOS" (the follow-up to "Beneath Apple
> DOS"). It covers GCR, nibblizing and the state machine, and includes a
> dump of the PROM. It references "Understanding The Apple II", which I do
> not have, so I don't know if their content is orthogonal.

I expected the info in BAP to be identical to that in BAD, so I didn't
bother looking.  Shame on me.  I'll check out my copy of BAP to see if
there are any additional insights.  Thanks for the tip!

> Also, I remember hearing that there's some info in the manual that came
> with the Disk ][.

None.  I've looked.  Or at least, I've looked in the DOS Manual, which
came with the Disk ][.  Was there any other?  Perhaps one of those smaller
booklets that Apple used to send out with their hardware in the 1977-1978


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