Some said they have CDOS and Cromemco disks

Randy McLaughlin cctalk at
Sat Mar 26 01:11:55 CST 2005

From: "Curt @ Atari Museum" <curt at>
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 11:15 PM
> Hi,
>   Some recently mentioned that they had a significant amount of Cromemco 
> software, if that person would be willing to allow me to make dup's of 
> their disks I would appreciate it, I have a CP/M system with both 5.25" 
> and 8" disks on it so I can handle reading both types, I have a Z2 that 
> I'd like to get up and running again and I would really like to get copies 
> of CDOS and any Cromemco specific utils, thanks.
> Curt

I have one copy of CDOS posted on my site but it is messed up.  I will be 
posting different CDOS files etc very soon (hopefully this weekend).

I have a few different CDOS's, application software (assembler, 2 different 
basics, etc), 2 different CROMIX OS's, and more.

The problem with Cromemco is the first track is formatted FM even on double 
density disks.  Many PC's can not write bootable Cromemco disks.

Dave Dunfield is working on some software that sends Cromemco disk images 
over a serial port to Cromemco's RDOS to create disks with any PC that has a 
serial port.


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