SIG/M diskettes

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Sat Mar 26 10:43:32 CST 2005

Spend the time with no doubt. The collection don't appears to be complete,
at least in the Internet. I downloaded a good lot in the past but I remember
clearly that some of them aren't available.

Oh, send a note when you could obtain something, please. I continue the
search :-)


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> I just received some 8" diskettes that I "won" on e-pay.  I was only
> buying used SSSD diskettes, but when they arrived they contained files.
> They are SIG/M #81 through #120 and #161 through #176.
> My question is this.  Are these files already archived and preserved for
> the "community" or should I spend some time (lots of time, actually) and
> get the files to a CD or something similar so those of us who are
> interested in CP/M history have them?
> I don't mind doing it, but I don't want to spend this time if it is
> already done.
> Thanks,
> Dave Mabry
> Intel MDS tinkerer

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