Silent 700 connector pinout?

Dan Cohoe dancohoe at
Sun Mar 27 20:40:01 CST 2005

> However, I am not having as much luck finding a manual on-line. At
> least not for a reasonable price. The data connector on the back
> is a 15 pin D-sub male, (not 25 pin) and the unit specifically is
> a model 745 (with the acoustic couplers).
> Does anyone have the connector pinout?
> thanks
> Charles

The S-700 side of the connector has two separate sets of data connections,
one for
the keyboard/printer and one for the acoustic coupler. An option was a cable
which branched to two DB25's for connection to each part of the terminal.

| Terminal		Cable 				Function
| Connector(P1)	Termination P2 & P3
P1-9			P2-1				Protective Ground	|
P1-13			P2-2				Transmit Data		|
P1-12			P2-3				Receive Data		|KeyBoard
P1-10			P2-4				+12 Volts to RTS	|& Printer
P1-1			P2-7				Signal Ground		|EIA
P1-11			P2-8				Data Carrier Detect	|
P1-15			P2-20				Data Terminal Ready	|

P1-8			P3-3				Receive data		|
P1-3			P3-2				Transmit Data		|
P1-1			P3-7				Signal Ground		|Acoustic
P1-2			P3-8				Carrier Detect	|Coupler
P1-9			P3-1				Protective Ground	|EIA
P1-6			P3-5				Clear to send		|
P1-7			P3-6				Data Set Ready	|

I have the manual and could scan some more pages if necessary.


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