TRS-80 Model III ???????

Jim Battle frustum at
Mon Mar 28 17:41:24 CST 2005

Gene Ehrich wrote:

> I have the opportunity to purchase a TRS-80 Model III computer. It looks 
> very good, has two 5-1/4" floppies and (she says) worked the last time 
> it was turned on.
> She is asking $50.
> Is that a fair price?
> What should it be worth?

I tried to sell a perfectly good model 4 without any discoloration and 
all keys, no burn in  for $40 at VCF a couple years ago and it didn't 
sell.  On the other hand, I've seen them go for close to $100 on ebay at 
times.  $50 isn't unfair.

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