another hp2100 wannabe

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Mon Mar 28 20:35:13 CST 2005

F-series floating point op-codes are unique to F-series machines.

But all 21MX class machines have slower floating point instructions that
use the same op codes as the 2100 floating point option.

I suspect that this is what 2000/Access would be using.

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>I wrote:
>> Now that I think about it more, I'm fairly certain that it won't,
>> because 2000E (and 2000F and 2000/Access) require the floating point
>> microcode that is not available for the 2114/2115/2116.
> Jay wrote:
>> Aha, but there WAS floating point available for the 2116. A separate
>> rackmount box. I have no clue if it had the same interface as the later 
>> FP
>> options.
> But I wrote "require the floating point *microcode*" (emphasis added).
> The 2152A floating point processor would not work with any version
> of TSB.
> I *think* a 21MX F-series (with hardware floating point) could probably
> be used as the system processor for 2000E, 2000F, or 2000/Access, but I
> don't have proof.
> I just cleaned up my 2000 TSB model comparison chart a bit, though it
> may still have some errors.  It can be seen at:
> Eric

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