using a DRV11 to run an IDE drive?

Heinz Wolter h.wolter at
Wed Mar 30 12:18:56 CST 2005

I've seen an old PC trick that uses the printer port and custom cable
to bit-bash interface an IDE hard drive  or cdrom using a dos .sys driver.

Anyone think it's possible to do the same with a  DRV-11 for the pdp11?
Features: built in BAR/WCR/CSR circuits, 16 bits in, 16 out. 6 function
Attention/Ready/Cycle Request/Bust handshake bits etc

Perhaps a small pld or fpga could use the spare handshake or function bits
to latch the 3 address bits for the IDE and generate the chip
select/read-write etc
while the 16 bit  input and output busses could be joined via tri-state

I'ts not a replacement for a scsi controller, but  it beats hunting down the
to find bus interface chips and provides a proven already working basic
I've got a dozen of the QBUS (and a few UNIBUS) DRx11 boards  if someone
is interested in fooling with the idea. As a side note - I recall UW's CCNG
dept fashioned an early  MP cluster called using DRV11s to connect LSI11-2s
in the 80's.


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