Century Data Systems T-50 disks

Dan Cohoe dancohoe at oxford.net
Wed Mar 30 20:11:16 CST 2005

Pat said.......
> The drives are 150-200lbs each, and are rated at 4A at 208-240V (60Hz
> IIRC).  There's a detailed manual on bitsavers about them:
> http://computer-refuge.org/bitsavers/centuryData/76205-902_tri
> dentSpec_Nov80.pdf
> I also have the T2000 disk excerciser and T2001 head
> alignment boxes for
> the drives.  I have no idea if any of this works; it was probably in
> storage for 10+ years, and the drives date back to about 1980.

Check the M. Farris site at http://www.mfarris.com/pack/cdc1.html

looks like they are used on some CDC drives and likely others that I didn't
look for yet.

regards,  Dan

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