Drivers for Old Mac Nubus Cards (from 1993 and before)

Teo Zenios teoz at
Thu Mar 31 01:51:30 CST 2005

I have a bunch of cards for old Nubus Macs I can't find drivers for. Anybody
happen to have ones for these cards?:

Spectral Innovations, Inc 1993
macDSP II/C Rev B
(DSP Card)

Nuport II by Micronet
Model: NP-2
1991 By Micronet tech, Inc
P/N 9101675-02
(50 Pin SCSI card, only driver I seen was password protected)

Sigma Designs 1991
DoubleUp Rev 2.11
Roms: DUAM2 2.00
(Hardware disk compression board)

Storm technology, In 1992
(another DSP card)

Supermac 1991
1002259-001A Spigot Nubus
Version 1.0 ROM
ASSY:0007532-0001 Rev A
(The first Supermac Spigot video capture card with just 1 RCA input for
video, I found some kind of OS 6 driver but not sure about it)


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