C64 and Vic-20 Stuff Available near Salem, Oregon

Dan McDonald d_l_mcd at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 31 07:30:38 CST 2005

My Dad is on a cleaning-out binge, and he is ready to landfill several boxes 
of C-64 and Vic-20 stuff.  If anybody could make better use of it, please 
email me and I'll get you in touch with him.  This is for 
you-pick-it-up-only, no shipping available.  A small donation to him would 
be appreciated, but he really just wants to get rid of the stuff.

He is between Dallas and Monmouth, Oregon.  Salem is about 22 miles East 
from there.

Here is his description:
Commodore stuff.  Lots of it.  Boxes of it.  64 and vic 20.
stuff like:  RUN commodore mags in late 80's; programmers reference guide; 
a dozen games, Q-bert e.g.; COMREX CR 220 dot matrix printer (in box)  Some
commodores are in origional boxes.  power supplies, game controllers.

email me at:  danmNO at soverSPAM.net or  d_l_mcd at hotmail.com

There's also a Friden electro-mechanical calculator and a bunch of other 
stuff.  It's all going to the landfill soon if nobody goes to get it.

Happy Spring Cleaning,

Dan McDonald
Bellows Falls, Vermont

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