origins of "kludge"

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> I know this could be the start of YET ANOTHER thread "Oh I think
> it's older than that..." but to avoid that, let's raise the
> standard from opinion/hearsay to printed word.
>   From _ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COMPUTER SCIENCE_(Van Nostrand), 1976:
> The word "kludge" is a term coined by Jackson Granholm in an
> article "How to design a kludge" in _DATAMATION_ (February 1962).

Yep, it's way older than that.  According to the Jargon File (which has
also appeared in print in various editions, and which I'd trust a lot
more than some random Van Nostrand "encyclopedia"), the above would be a
reasonable statement if you replace "coined" by "popularized":



  The variant 'kludge' was apparently popularized by the Datamation
  article mentioned under kludge; it was titled How to Design a Kludge
  (February 1962, pp. 30, 31).


For all the details, see

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